The Steel Wall Progress Report

The Steel Wall Upcoming Publication

As those who have been following this blog know, I am in the final stages of preparing my book, The Steel Wall, for publication. I previously estimated October 7, 2021 for my publication date, but I would like to give a Progress Report. This book is very special to me, and it contains so many perspectives and insights that I want to get the message exactly right. Therefore, I have been devoting more time and attention to a final edit that will excite, entertain and inspire my readers.

Exciting Adventure

Like my prequel to this book, “From Woodstock To Eternity,” The Steel Wall harkens back to Dustin Morgan’s days as a pot pilot. You will once again find yourself in the cockpit of a drug laden plane flying toward the Bahamas. It is filled with exciting adventure, with heart pounding flights over the Caribbean, encounters with the law, and intimidating jail scenes. All these adventures lay the foundation for why the policeman asked “Are you Dustin Morgan?” at the end of “From Woodstock To Eternity.”

Entertaining Drama

When the law confronts the accused, tensions rise, and every conflict requires a decision. Anytime obstacles come our way, we respond with emotions, reason and internal struggles. There are many such instances in The Steel Wall, and they evoke intense, entertaining drama that I have infused with joy, agony and humor. You will find yourself seeing supposedly black and white issues from both the black side and the white side, and enjoying it the whole time.

Meditation, Inspiration and Revelation

Most of all, this is a Christian Adventure Drama that pulls from real life situations which require a correct understanding of God’s direction. The premise of this book is the true story of a Christian man, living a normal Christian life for four years, who is suddenly arrested for crimes he committed in his past. Most Christians don’t have that problem, and many Christians, including Dustin Morgan, don’t think that is how its supposed to work. You are not supposed to believe and repent and then go to jail.

Dustin knew he needed direction from God, but that was not so easy. It was not going to be a recipe to follow and get the desired result. It took intense Meditation, Inspiration and Revelation for him to finally come to the right understanding of what God wanted him to do. And guess what? He didn’t want to do it. Hence the struggle, and hence the need for him to encounter The Steel Wall.

I am close to publication, and the paperback will come out first on Amazon, followed by the Kindle.

I hope you enjoy it.

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