The Heart of a Pioneer

Pioneers on the trail make camp

Pioneers on the trail make camp

From Woodstock to Eternity Book Excerpt:  Free Look Inside!

“This is the heart of a true pioneer.  It isn’t enough just to have a dream and work hard to fulfill it.  The pioneer is willing to leave behind all the known quantities of his present reality because he sees them as limitations.  And, those limitations are like chains to him.  He might as well be in leg irons in a dungeon with one little window where he can watch the world outside change and grow while he is forced to tolerate in an eternal hell of sameness. When he sees an opportunity that will enable him to break free of those limitations and latch onto an enterprise with untold possibilities, he has to take it.  He is compelled.  He will not be able to live with himself if he does not at least give it his best shot.  It doesn’t matter that some people will die, others will suffer shipwreck, still more will become discouraged and turn back.  He never believes it will happen to him.”

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