A Door Opening From Another World

Walk Through the Doors God Opens for You

Have you ever found yourself trapped in your own environment?  There you are, doing the same things, following the same routines, and then something totally unexpected happens.  You get an offer to do something you never thought of, or life presses you until you begin

A Door Opening

A Door Opening

to see, “I could do that.”

Maybe you have thought ahead a little bit and realize where the track you are on in life could take you if you don’t do something about it.  In From Woodstock To Eternity, Dustin Morgan finds himself in this very place as he gets a glimpse of what awaits him if he keeps on with his wild, bachelor mindset.

“It was like I could see ahead in the future, and I imagined myself being in my forties, still trying to play the field.  It seemed kind of asinine that I would keep on running around like a kid, cruising the bars, chasing skirts; everyone I knew would be married with families, and then Boom!  It hit me.  In spite of all my friends, and associates, and my community of hippies, I could end up living by myself.  The likelihood that this scenario could very well happen scared the hell out of me.  It still does.  It bothered me so much I had to shout out loud into that, gloomy, misty darkness,


“Well, it looks like this is my chance.  I can see a door opening from another world, and I think I need to walk through it.  I’ve been considering some things I thought I would never consider before.  Yeh, Buck, I think the time has come for me to do something crazy.”

Book excerpt:  From Woodstock To Eternity

The door Dustin is talking about is the door to a lifestyle of marriage, one he has never contemplated before.  As a matter of fact, marriage has always represented confinement to him, but times are changing.  It is significant that the door is opening up to him – he is not trying to open the door.  An opportunity is presenting itself to him in spite of his old ideas.  What is being opened up to him is the chance to grab hold of the concept of marriage and see it as a good thing.  It is the chance to completely change his mind.  Will he take it?

This is a very popular painting of Jesus knocking on the door of our hearts.  He is on the Jesus Knockingoutside, we are on the inside.  He is offering the opportunity for us to enter a world totally different than the one we have been living in.  He is also giving us the chance to change our mind about things and to be willing to embrace the mindset of heaven and righteousness.

Both sides of the doorThis image shows both sides of the door.  The people on one side are completely wrapped up in their daily routines, then they hear a knock.  Jesus has come with a new way of thinking.  Just like Dustin Morgan’s predicament, they may not want to leave their old way of doing and thinking, but the crack of light through the opening door offers them a way to escape.  Will they take it?  Will you take it?  Dustin Morgan took it, and it changed his life forever.

Walk through the door.  See what eternity has in store for you.

4 thoughts on “A Door Opening From Another World

  1. Really good post! It is amazing that God himself still knocks, when he could just blast the door open. Sometimes I can get frustrated at “why doesn’t God just change me?” But he wants to be asked in first. We have to open the door. Very well written!

    • The idea here is that we can sometimes see God opening a door to another world, but it is still up to us to go through it. Not everybody follows where God leads, for many reasons. Uncertainty, fear of the unknown, lack of faith, unwillingness to change, etc. If Dustin had not walked through the door to marrying Lisa, he never would have reaped the blessings God had in store. At least 7 of them to be sure!!

  2. I’m glad I did, too. Although the article can be thought of as allowing Jesus to come to us from the “other world”, in the book, it is actually referring to a door opening that would bring a life of marriage to my beautiful bride into my life. I am glad I did that, too!

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