I Remember When

Read this excerpt from a good friend of mine from the Woodstock era:

Can’t believe how much I enjoyed reading your book!
Of course you know I could identify with all the high school and B’burg references.
Let tell you some of my memories of some of the specific incidents you wrote about:
   I was with you and Gregg for the Hardees incident. I recall Slate showing up with a crow bar that be kept under the front seat of his Mustang.

From Woodstock To Eternity

From Woodstock To Eternity

I also ran into Bill on my way home from a summer construction job in DC and told him I thought he had been killed in Vietnam. Don’t remember if I  knew he had died.
   Also ran into Steve E at a head shop in Falls Church and he was pretty strung out at the time.
    I had my draft physical the same day as crazy Jim and rode on the bus from C’burg to Roanoke with him. Remember him in his big black boots and white underwear for the group part of the physical.
    I went to Atlantic City Pop Festival where I heard about Woodstock. But decided not to go to W because I knew I would miss some work and could not afford to do that. Did also go to Evansville though….
Nothing like an eye witness account to tell the stories!!
I believe there are many out there with bottled up tales that they would like to tell.  One of the missions of this blog is to provide a forum for people to vent and tell their stories, so please… leave your comments.
Due to the nature of the culture, it may sound impossible, but kindly leave out the profanity, sex and crude talk.  We want everybody to be able to enjoy it.

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